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Komboloi with Howlite Turquoise
Howlite Torquoise
Prevents anger,gives comfort and calmness.Effective against stress.

Prayer beads are commonly used in many countries (ex: Turkey and Greece) as men's accessorize to relieve stress and generally pass the time.

The stones used to make the prayer beads have physical, metaphysical and psychological affects on their users. Amethyst increases brain power by absorbing the
excess amount of electrical burden in body, as this stone carries out negative electrical charge. It is also good for allergy, headache, eye and heart diseases.
It clears up the negative energies, has a sedative affect. It is also good for people with insomnia problems.

Agate has a powerful and mannish energy, which is good for sexual power. It decreases the tension by creating a warm feeling to the body sections with tension.
When you carry agate, it supports the feelings of power, joy and optimism in your body. It also symbolizes the peace in the world.

In Greece, Komboloi, kompoloi (Greek κομπολόι) , or Greek worry beads are used to relieve stress and generally pass the time.
Greek komboloi has an odd number of beads (one more than a multiple of four, e.g. (4x4)+1, (5x4)+1, etc) and usually have a "head"
composed of a fixed bead (παπάς 'priest'), a shield (θυρεός) to separate the two threads and help the beads to flow freely, and a tassel (φούντα).

Another type of komboloi with long string and only two beads, is known as "begleri".




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